NB9 Provides School football programs that will be designed in conjunction with your individual school objectives, values and initiatives, whilst incorporating the following statutory syllabuses:

NSW Board of studies K-6 personal development and physical education syllables.

The program's initiative is to promote a positive attitude towards regular physical activity.

NB9's program is safe, healthy and fun. It is also low cost which makes it affordable for students to participate in a safe, healthy and fun environment whilst learning and further developing skills in football.

In school programs, NB9 books one term in advance, so contact a NB9 member or fill out the form below to arrange a meeting with NB9 representative and your coordinator or principal.

NB9 International Football Academy has worked with the following schools


This unique and structured program provides students access to a healthy and fun extracurricular activity in safe surroundings of its own school campus.

NB9 brings all the equipment and provides uniforms which is convenient for students and parents. Students can interact in a familiar environment within their own community and with their school mates.

NB9 is taking a proactive approach on providing schools a accessible, affordable programs for boys and girls where with the extracurricular activity the programs assist in the development and coordination of motor skills through physical activity NB9 programs promote a positive attitude towards regular physical activity whilst curbing childhood obesity .

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